Cameron grew up in Brisbane, Australia with two brothers and a neighbourhood full of kids of a vast variety of ages, where he learnt the basics of a plethora of sports and activities. He played regional representative levels of cricket and rugby league before going on to represent the City and then State (Queensland) in Rugby union in the under nineteenage group. Cameron also participated in competitive volleyball, squash, futsal and soccer, and is a black belt in karate.

Cameron worked in hotels but quickly moved into the trades and became a Plumber, Drainer and Gasfitter and worked for a company in Brisbane that he managed while he was still completing his apprenticeship. He went on to own his own Plumbing business for several years in Brisbane.
He has always coached, and has been involved with junior and senior soccer, rugby, martial arts and cricket. Cameron recognized the decline in standards of junior cricketers and consequently the significant drop in participation numbers. He moved to the Sunshine Coast in Queensland where he started to develop his cricket coaching tools and philosophy.

He initially developed a bat to help young players see the value to hitting "straight" and encourage them to "hit in the V". The Sweet "V" was developed and was incorporated into coaching sessions. He then went about developing an entire cricket coaching system that had an underpinning philosophy of intrinsically motivating people to play and remain in the game by creating fun, safe learning environments. Each session asked a question, coaching to the requirements, needs and ability of players and developing their mind and capability through task extension, rather than by a generic textbook "one technique fits all" attitude.

Cameron met Greg Chappell during this time and they started to work together to develop a holistic approach to player/team development. Cameron consults throughout Australia and the East Asia Pacific and has been involved in the development, delivery and up-skilling deliverers of nationally delivered programs. He deliverers coach the coaches and train the trainer sessions throughout Australia and the East Asia Pacific. He has appeared on television, radio and the print media. Michael Jeh, a blog writer on a major web based cricket site wrote the following of Cameron’s coaching ability and philosophy.

"I watched him coach my 7-year-old son, listened to the way he simplified everything down to the most basic level and then saw some amazing results within the hour! It humbled me that there are coaches who come to the game with no great reputations as elite players themselves but still manage to cut through to young kids."

"The truth is that I've never heard anybody else quite communicate with young children like he did."
"In one hour, Cameron made more progress than I was able to achieve in three years."
Cameron is married and currently resides in Melbourne.